Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13. 2012

Fishing has been great on Lake Lanier for striped bass. The Summer fishing this year as a whole has been better than the last couple of years. Without a doubt, the average size fish been much better than last year. The fish are really concentrated on the south end of the lake. The fish have been out over the deep water. Most of the fishing has been in sight of the dam area. It was a busy Summer out on the lake but now that school is back in session the lake has become quite and calm making it perfect for catching.
We are still downlining herring on long carolina type leaders using 16 pound flourocarbon leaders. We are using Penn 310 Line Counter reels spooled with 15 pound monofilament. The key right now is plenty of lively bluebacks. A premium livewell is very important right now. The trolling bite appears to be slacking off already however it could bounce back if we get some hot weather in the high nineties. Over the next few weeks the bite should continue to be great out on the lake. The fish should continue to be heavily ganged up down near the dam area. We hope to see you soon,