Monday, January 25, 2010

Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 24 2010

Still not much good to post. The weather just will not break for more than a day here and a day there. Striper fishing is still hit or miss. The lake just needs to warm up a little more. The good news is the crappie fishing is already getting good under the deep water docks on the north end of the lake. The small 1/32 oz popeye jig is the way to go for the most bites. Look for any enclosed dock, minnow buckets, or Driftmaster rod holders on the docks.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

January 2010

Who would have thought we would be starting the new year off with the lake at full pool. The lake looks incredible. Due to the cold, we have not been out on the lake as much as normal. However when we have been out on the lake, the best two tactics have been downlines and umbrella rigs. On the downlines we have been using threadfin shad and trout. Just be sure to match the size of the hook to the bait. On the umbrella rigs we have been doing best with rigs with a blade on the bucktails. The north end of the lake continues to be the best fishing. For the most recent picutures be sure to check out the fishing forum. We hope to see you on the lake soon.