Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Lanier Fishing Report May 25, 2012

With the hot weather, the striped bass on Lake Lanier are rapidly moving into their summer haunts. Most of the fish are coming on heavy freelines using blueback herring. We are pulling the freelines around .8 mph across main lake humps and points. Still a few fish being caught late in the evening hours on topwater baits like the Sebile Slim Stick. Over the next few weeks look for the downline to become the dominant pattern as the fish move out over open water. Take as much bait as you possible take in your bait tank. Ice and a pure oxygen system will help keep your bait in the best possible condition.
This is also our most predictable good fishing of the year. Be sure to try to book your trip during the week. Fishing is always better during the middle of the week. The boat traffic on the weekends make the fishing much tougher on the weekend. Time to get the kids out on the lake. See you out there,


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