Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 16 2010

The big fish are starting to show up finally. The weather is beginning to break and the water temperature is rising. Pull big gizzard shad under balloons for the big fish. If you want to catch numbers of stripers, cast bucktails shallow. You will also pick up some big spotted bass. The crappie are also pulling shallow. Overall, it is just time to go fishing.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 2, 2010

Still no news on Lake Lanier. The water temperature is still in the mid forties. The striper fishing is still hit or miss but with the first good weather it should explode. On another note, the crappie fishing good. The crappie are stacked under the dock that have at least 20 ft of water under them. The 1/32 chartreuse popeye jig is the jig to catch them. As of yesterday, the bulk of the crappie were 15 ft deep. The walleye should still be up the rivers if anyone wants to go try for them. Good luck out on the pond,